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“Therefore, may the Lord give you of the dew of heaven.

Of the fatness of the earth and plenty

of grain and wine.” Genesis 27:28

Yvonne Eason has written many inspirational articles for several years which are now compiled into a devotional book, “Heaven’s Dew Drops.”

Her spiritual life began at an early age, and is the result of the godly influence of both her parents. In addition, a missionary couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wood residing on the island of Jamaica, and living in close proximity as she grew up, helped in shaping her spiritually. As she remembers, it was this couple who first introduced her to a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

As a young adult, others have played important roles in maturing process of her Christian journey. She was greatly impacted by Wade Taylor and his ministry. His teachings on intimacy with the Lord by waiting in His presence, in addition to developing an open heart and listening ear have served in drawing her into deeper level of intimacy with Him. The Lord used this influence to bring attention and focus into becoming one with Him in His will and purpose.

For the past fifteen years, the Lord has allowed Yvonne the privilege of ministering to many in small and large gatherings, local churches and conferences both here in the United States and abroad. She has taken the gospel of the Kingdom of God through outreaches to the people of South America, South Africa, as well as establishing a mission base in Jamaica. There, she’s led annual missions for the last fifteen years, and has witnessed many turned to the Lord, and lives transformed.

As long as there’s an open door, and a willingness on someone’s part to listen to the truths of God’s Word, Yvonne’s mandate is to be prepared for such encounters and opportunities. An important aspect of the message she carries, and the ministry she presents, is one involving the demonstration of God’s Kingdom in the earth through those who are willing to submit to the rule, reign and lordship of Jesus Christ in and over their lives. She also serves as a mentor to women of all ages, and facilitates the training of them to do the same.

Yvonne has taught in both public and private schools. She cherishes the memories of those lives impacted by her as She taught. She has witnessed the power of God moving upon children and parents alike. Parents who have tried everything known in the naturally to resolve difficult issues, without success, were touched by spiritual intervention of prayer, care and compassion. Students’ overall behavior and academics were greatly affected, and parents were moved with hope. Yvonne loves the Lord and passionately serves Him.


With Yvonne Eason’s
Heaven’s Dew Drops!

It can be said the way Yvonne captures the contents of this book, “Heaven’s Dew Drops,” brings the following passages of Scriptures to mind. “Therefore, may the Lord give you of the dew of heaven. Of the fatness of the earth and plenty of grain and wine.” Genesis 27:28. “The heavens shall give her dew.” Zechariah 8:12b.

Dew in these passages refers to its significance in helping to provide growth, development and an overall of increase of blessings to the earth. Dew falls throughout the night. As it is captured, the result is a richer growth of plant life, and a greater production of fruitfulness.  What dew does to the earth is the same way “Heaven’s Dew Drops, A Devotional” will do.

This book is uniquely compiled as spiritual droplets of God’s truth and the richness of His kingdom in one’s life. Each thought was inspired and made available as spiritual droplets from heaven by the Holy Spirit, and is expounded on as the Holy Spirit leads.

The individual chapter thoughts and insights are designed by the Lord to stir hearts that are spiritually hungry for the Word of God becoming more meaningful, and in helping to provide enrichment and substance for daily living.

Jesus said, “The words that I speak to you are spirit and life.” John 6:63b. Because the contents of this book has its base rooted in the Scriptures, one will find life imparted as they read and meditate. These truths will also encourage one to walk in a greater level of freedom and stability in the Lord.

In its contents, “Heaven’s Dew Drops” highlights the principles of God’s kingdom. It’s messages’ goal is to promote the applications of kingdom principles into one’s everyday experience, and at the same time developing a desire to become Christ-like.

From beginning to end, the book helps in the deepening of one’s relationship with the Lord. It serves as an avenue that leads for the strengthening of faith, the enabling one’s walk in confidence, spiritually, emotionally and socially.

In wondering what purpose your life serves, Heaven’s Dew Drops serves as a help and guide.

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