The Spirit of Counsel is one of the Seven Spirits Jesus walked and ministered in during His entire earthly ministry.  For example, He counselled the Samaritan woman at the well by giving her advice on how a change would come to her by fully accepting, the water of life that only God can give.  He guided and helped her understand that receiving this water, all the unwholesome thirsts would be eternally satisfied. When she received the drink Jesus offered, she went and told everyone in her town — John 4:5-15.  This is the counsel many are searching for today.

The Church at Laodicea was very wealthy which facilitated a lifestyle of comfort and ease, and as a result, they found themselves in a place of spiritual emptiness, when they replace their fellowship with God with the wealth and riches of this world.

Upon seeing their misery and spiritual poverty, the Lord stepped in and gave them counsel.  He said to them, “You say you are rich, but you are poor.”  Now, “I counselled you, purchase gold perfected by fire, so that you may be truly rich.”—Rev. 3:18.

The nature of gold in its original state must be processed by adding intense heat for it to become refined into its most beautiful and valuable form.  The Lord was saying to the church, “I am your gold, your most precious and valued possession.  I am the one you are really lacking.  And until I become your riches – the gold that will last throughout life and eternity, you will remain miserable and poor as you are right now.”

To purchase gold, does not mean we have to pay for the Lord’ s life and presence.  He is the one who paid for our salvation and redemption for our sins through the cross.  The Scriptures tell us, to “Come to the refreshing water and drink, without money, without price, come and buy bread without price…”— Isaiah. 55:1-3.  This is a metaphor meaning, to exchange that which is temporal and empty, with Jesus, our eternal life and lasting redemption of which no one would ever be able to do.

God, our gold is spoken of this way “Place your gold in the dust.  For, it is of little value.  And make the Almighty your gold, and your precious silver” Job 22:24-25.

In this season, there’s a deep cry.  Can you hear it!  It is the cry for the “counsel of the Lord” in the earth. Set around the throne of our heart over which the Lord Jesus reigns, is the “Spirit of Counsel.”  As we are led to those who are confused, and in need of advice, guidance and direction, this is the day, the hour, for the counsel of God to be imparted to us as an offering to be released to those crying out for it.

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