Being able to find a woman of courage and excellence is not always easy. But examining the qualities laid out by King Solomon, will enable one to identify a woman of moral excellence when we see one in our own sphere of influence, or wherever they may be.  It’s important to note that all true forms of excellence can only come from the Lord Himself.


When God took the rib from Adam, and made Eve, He then presented her to Adam, and they became one — (Gen. 2:21-23).  Since Adam was created in God’s image and likeness, and now being joined to Eve as one union, the result is Eve also bears the same attributes and virtues of God. Eve is a woman of virtue and moral excellence.


The Big Question–Who can find a virtuous woman?  For her price is far above rubies–Proverbs 31:10. The most precious gems are far from equal to the worth of a woman of excellent character.  This woman is one of substance, possessing the qualities of strength, stability and a good and lasting impression.  She will not be bought by this world’s standards.  God has become her “Standard Bearer” of who she is and her worth.  All of her resource– righteousness, strength, courage and stability are in Christ Jesus.


This woman’s love, devotion and dependence upon the Lord is reflected in her household.  She’s willing to work with her hands, making her family feel safe, secured and protected –Proverbs 31:10-14.  She uses her wisdom and entrepreneurship in procuring the best real estate, and in all kinds of skills in merchandising, sewing and tapestry.  She’s not fearful or intimated by the seasonal weather conditions, for she’s well prepared to meet them with needed provision to respond appropriately in such times– Proverbs 31:15-22, 24.


Her clothing is strength and honor.  Her outward dress is never a display of her inner and Spiritual adorning – she’s not a people pleaser.  This also is reflected in the way her husband is respected in his position in the community where everyone looks up to him as a leader conducting business with integrity, because he mirrors his wife in the public arena –Pro. 31:23- 25.


Looking for a woman of moral excellence, you will identify her in what she has to say.  When she speaks, her words are packed with wisdom, kindness, encouragement and comfort, because the atmosphere she creates, transforms discouragement, disappointments and failures, into hope and expectation. Many speak of the successes they have experienced through her wisdom and kind words— Pro. 31:26.


What is the overall conclusion of this woman of virtue —moral excellence and valor of Proverbs 31?  Every aspect of her, gives us pause.  Her life revolves around and gravitates to one thing — the “Fear of the Lord.” Pro 31: 29-31.


These attributes displayed in the various areas of this life, are the examples of a full and developed character as she grows in her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  His life is filtered throughout her spirit and souland body take a look at what has taken place in her overtime! –Thessalonians 5:23.













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