There was a time when the longing of my heart was to see the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. This was the result of nations being in unrest. The fear of what the future may hold for my young children as they grow up in such unsettled and messy world. The idea of, “It’s better if the Lord were to return right away” would solve all of these issues.

I still do desire the Lord to come, but as I continue to grow in Him, and experiencing His loving grace more and more, I began to understand that presently, God was much more interested in the nurturing of His beloved ones in the nature and likeness of His Son, Jesus. This truth became more and more important, even if He were to come immediately, or in another hundred years.

My focus and attention are now geared toward God’s involvement in the re-shaping of our lives into reflecting His image here and now. Therefore, the longing of my soul is now engaged in cooperating with the Holy Spirit and His work in conforming the soulish area of my life to join with my spirit which is in righteous alignment with God and His purpose.

The Holy Spirit is continuously taking my heart and bringing it into alignment with God’s plan for me to live daily in the new place, heaven where I am seated in Christ. The Word instructs us in saying, “Christ’s resurrection is my resurrection too. That is why I am yearning for all that is above where Christ sits enthroned at the place of all power, honor and all power” (Col.3:1).

The Word also said, “I am constantly longing to feast and be filled with all the treasures (Jesus) of the heavenly realm, filling my thoughts with heavenly realities in Christ, and not with the distractions of the natural realm (Col.3:2). This perspective for my life is one that causes the shift in my yearnings and longings in a new direction.

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