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In the vineyards of our hearts, the Father is lovingly and tenderly pruning all the excess foliage that over- shadows the branches which is keeping them from bearing much fruit – John 15:2.  The seed of the word sown in hearts must produce fruit and much of it, and when this does not happen according to God’s plan and purpose, He must rectify the problem with pruning.

Pruning is the Father’s business.  In wisdom He knows exactly how to carry out His work graciously and skillfully without causing injury to branch-growth and production.  This pruning is not removing unfruitful branches, but as a wise and loving farmer, the Lord lifts up the branches off the ground to embrace and enhance strength to fruit-bearing.  In patience, God also awaits the full and peaceful first-fruit harvest which His heart desires to feast on —1 Cor. 15:20, 23.

What a wonderful privilege and responsibility the Lord has placed within His “Waiting Bride!” In a corporate relationship with the Lord, she becomes keeper of the vineyard.  Thus having the oversight of a watchful eye in securing the full harvest of the Vine.  The Body of Christ, is called into this kind of relationship with the Lord to keep without failure, a watchful eye.  Jesus said, “I am the Vine and you are the branches”—John 15:5-8.

With this responsibility comes the charge of the Lord to keep away all nippers and spoilers of vineyards’ buds and fruits. He said, “You must catch the troubling foxes for us, those sly little foxes that hinder our relationship (Jesus andHis Church). For, they raid our budding vineyard of love to ruin what I have planted within you.  Will you catch them and remove them for Me?  We will do it together” Song of Songs 2: 15.

As in the natural, the farmer must keep a watchful eye to guard and protect his vineyard from the start to finish so as to enjoy the full and great harvest.  The Lord gave us the responsibility to catch the foxes of all compromises that are hidden deep inside the heart where we have not allowed the victories of Christ to shine into.

These “little foxes,” though they seem to be small and as innocent as all babies are to family members, they can do damage in our relationship with Jesus as well as with other brethren in the Body of Christ. They, for sure hinder the fruit of the Spirit from growing within us, therefore, we must follow the exhortation of the Lord to catch and destroy them.

When our guards are down, especially during testing and times of trials that may be overshadowing God’s deep love for us, it’s time to be embraced by our “First Love.” Rev. 2:4and remembering,” He has loved us first”—1 John 3: 19.

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