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“My deep need calls out to the deep kindness of your love, as your waterfalls, waves and billows have gone over me”–Ps. 42:7.  Every word of Scripture that is quickened (gave life) by the Holy Spirit, is meant to empower and launch us further into the deep places God prepared to be our experience.

“Deep calls.” It’s the longing of our hearts, created by the Holy Spirit digging deep places within to bring eternal truths into our life experiences, the transforming ingredient of our character.

To settle down and become contented at the shoreline of our lives, means being tied or bound to a place, thing or circumstance. This can be labeled as simply not heeding the voice of the one who created the yearning of the heart for a deeper place.  The further one goes from the shoreline, demonstrates the willingness to go deeper. The depth of experience is the results of our growing in faith and fellowship with God.

The crowd of people pressed in on Jesus to hear the word He had for them at the sea of Galilee.  As an object lesson and activation of the word He taught that day, “Jesus climbed into a boat belonging to Peter that was on the shore and said to him, ‘Let me use your boat.  Push it off a short distance away from the shore, so I can speak to the crowds.’—Jesus sat down and taught the people from the boat” — Luke 5:3-4.

The kingdom of God is moving and growing in hearts and lives. In this prophetic act, Jesus revealed the need to leave the present place of spiritual comforts, and step out, using whatever is available.  In this case, Peter’s boat.  Is our heart dispensing a life of thanksgiving and praise?  Is it with humility, containing one focus on the Lord Himself?  Is it expressing devotion and fellowship, so much so that the Lord finds a resting place to climb up, sit down and teach as He did with Peter’s boat?  May He find many, whose hearts are so prepared and ready to respond at a moment’s notice.

All that is required of us, is to “push away” from the comforts of the shores of distractions and surrender to His requests. God knows the hearts. The beautiful thing, He has chosen your heart and mine to send His message through to others. He honors the faithful and obedient.  He looks for the “well done,” not the “much done.”

“Now row out to deep water to cast your nets and you will have a great catch” – Luke 5:4b.  The test we all face, is when the Holy Spirit quickens the word for us to experience our miracle, and how well or poorly we activate our faith to the directed word.  We reason and even argue within ourselves and with the Lord, saying, “We have fished here all night and haven’t caught anything” Luke 5:5.

And after much debating, the heart of faith will say, “But if you insist, we will go out again and let down our nets, because of Your word.”  Peter gave the Lord the benefit of the doubt, and there it was.  He with the others, got their miracle.  “When they pulled up their nets, they were shocked to see the huge catch of fish, so much that their nets were ready to burst” Luke 5:6.

Has the Lord pushed you out from your shore and separated you from your desires and ambitions?  Has He asked you to let down your nets?  And you say, “but Lord, I cannot?”  The Lord will not ask one thing of us, but that which He will supply the grace for.  We may reason, and say, “Lord that goes against my reasoning.  I don’t know how to believe you, nevertheless I will trust you.”  If we stand, reason and argue, the fish may go right by and never get into your net.

In this hour, let’s launch out into the deep and let down the net. When doubt insist otherwise, we pray, “Lord, by your grace, increase my faith.” Urgency is the word for the moment we’re in today.


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